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Performance and manufacturability
Flexible Scale Battery Platform

Semiconductors and Battery Chemistries in a Scalable Foundational Manufacturing Platform

XNRGI has developed a lithium metal battery utilizing porous silicon as the electrode substrate and by merging the battery design with the low cost and manufacturing benefits of the silicon industry. The technology is based on the most versatile manufacturing concept that battery industry has seen in its long history and has the potential to solve numerous disadvantages of the conventional battery technology. The design is “chemistry” agnostic as it doesn’t restrict use of almost any cathode material, including the most common LCO, NMC, NCA, or LFP cathode materials. The critical feature of the proposed configuration is a three-dimensional, highly repeatable structure, with a 50X larger surface area for reaction with millions of small pores. The main expected advantages of this method include: high energy density demonstrating (> 1600 Wh/L) 405 Wh/kg 6X the energy density of a traditional Lithium Ion battery. The next generation Lithium Metal Air (4400 Wh/L), 680 Wh/kg, 10X a traditional lithium ion battery. XNRGI batteries have high currents for fast charge and discharge, long cycle life, safe, and low-cost high volume batch fabrication.

XNRGI (exponential energy) has developed the first-ever porous silicon chip based Lithium Metal rechargeable battery technology. XNRGI’s award-winning technologies enable scalable, high-volume manufacturing at the industry’s lowest cost, by using existing semiconductor wafer manufacturing and contract assembly.

With 15 Patented Technologies, 12 Patents Pending, and 15 years of development with investment and grants from Intel, Motorola, Energizer, the United States Navy, the US Department of Energy, and others, XNRGI has developed the only battery architecture that can be used from micro batteries (for the Internet of Things) to cell phones, large drones, and grid scale applications.

XNRGI creates, demonstrates, builds and manages energy ecosystems with OEMs, systems integrators and developers to power a sustainable future.